Review: Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty is a new film with Jim Carrey that centers around a TV reporter whose life isn't going as he has planned.

It's hardly new territory from the standpoint of the over-driven, uptight character who blames everyone else (including God) for his own misfortunes. In this case, God decides that it would do him some good to try being Him for a few days.

Unfortunately, for me, the first day or so was funny (mostly because Carrey carries it), but the rest of the movie slowly goes down hill. By the end, I was happy that it at least knew its limits and stopped at 1 hour 36 minutes.

This one isn't going to make it into this year's top ten for me, and I can't really recommend it with films like Bend It Like Beckham in wide release.

If you really want to see Jim, I'd suggest catching The Majestic, The Mask, or even Ace Ventura:Pet Detective instead of bothering to go to this film.

However, if you want a good God film, I'd suggest Oh, God! (George Burns, John Denver, 1977). The film is also a comedy, but it has a better message and is more consistently humerous.