Review: Bend it Like Beckham

I kept hearing good buzz about Bend It Like Beckham, so with Bruce Almighty set to join The Matrix:Reloaded in theaters tomorrow, I decided that I needed to see it before it went to the small theaters.

Good choice: this movie is a little gem.

Bend It Like Beckham is an import from the UK that has won great acclaim, and not a small number of awards. After winning a slew of awards, the film was brought to the US by Fox Searchlight.

The film is a unique coming-of-age film that deals with more issues than I can reasonably list here. However, the clash of the Indian and British cultures is apparent throughout the film.

As with most films of this genre, the story pits the protective parents against the teenage girls who have their own ideas of how their lives should play out.

Although the territory is hardly new, the way that it is played out, with feeling and artistry, is a both involving and enjoyable. The final resolutions don't tie up all of the loose ends, but you leave the theater feeling good.

I'd highly recommend it to any audience that isn't vehemently opposed to a cute comedy.