Review: Bad Boys II

Whatcha gonna do when a sequel like Bad Boys II comes out? Well, that's going to depend on how much you believe in the chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

If you liked the two in the first movie, Bad Boys, you will probably like them in this one. As with the original, Bad Boys II is an over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek buddy cop movie. As with the original, it never seems quite sure if it going to be campy or a more serious action flick. And, most importantly, as with the first one, if you liked the chemistry between the two headliners, you will find the film hysterical.

The pretense is contrived, the situations are completely over-the-top, the car chases are destructive and fast, the bad guys are totally ruthless, and the police seem to have a complete disregard for the destruction that they cause (all except for the Captain, who is taking his stress-management courses seriously).

But, most of this either adds to (or at least doesn't distract from) the fun nature of this film. It is true that people who don't like violence should stay away from this one, as it is quite a bit more graphic than the first movie. It is also true, as noted by Roger Ebert in his review, that there are some scenes that show a completely callous disregard for innocent bystanders (although they are not shown in the film). But, I disagree with his panning of the film on these grounds, since most of these scenes are in line with the film's gestalt.

All in all, if you liked the first Bad Boys movie, you will probably like this one. If you haven't seen the first one, check it out first, because it had a more compelling plot and was a bit less violent. If you didn't like the first one, skip this film and move right on to something else.