Review: "A Mighty Wind" blows fans away

A Mighty Wind is another enjoyable "mockumentary" from Director/Writer/Producer Christopher Guest (who has been a writer on This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show, and Waiting for Guffman, each a fine farce in its own right).

As with the previous films, the real genius of this one is likely to only be enjoyed by people who know the material the spoof is based on.

If you're not a folk fan, this may not be as funny as it was for those of us who went last night. However, if you are, you'll be astounded at how well put together it is.

This movie has a bit more reverence than Best in Show did for its topic, so don't go into the theater expecting to see the guy with two left feet. However, not so much more that you would confuse it with a documentary.

The songs were astoundingly good and the singing (which in a number of the cases was done by the cast members) was equally surprising.

I'm not as big of a folk fan as some, so I had to have a few of the references explained to me, but even without those it was a great ride and with them, it was more fun.

Here's hoping that the cast turns out another one of these thoughtful films on yet another subject that takes itself too seriously.