Racial questions lead to coroner's inquest in Florida

An odd story in the New York Times tells the sad tale of a suicide in Belle Glade, Florida and the racial tensions that surrounded it.

The man in question was a 32-year-old black man who was unemployed and having trouble with his family. However, after the man was found hanged in his back yard one morning, people in the divided community of 15,000 started to postulate that the man may have met his death in with assistance.

Based on the report, townspeople were under the impression that there may have been an interracial relationship between the deceased and the daughter of a while police officer. This lead to rumors that the man had been found with his hands tied behind his back and possibly had been lynched.

In the end, local authorities decided to launch a coroners inquest (the first in 18 years) to publicly answer any and all questions regarding the odd death. The result was a finding of suicide.