Published SCO complaint points at files

OK, now we're getting somewhere. SCO's amended complaint (appearing on Groklaw) contains information about which files are infringing and on which lines.

There are 4 tables of lines in the complaint (hopefully this isn't their whole case), and they refer directly to the lines of code in the Linux 2.2.12 to 2.4.1 kernel distributions that they believe infringe upon their (SCO's) rights.

Here is a brief summary:

| Number of|
Area| files| lines| Version
JFS| 9| 152| 2.2.12
EVMS| 8| 304| 2.4.x
Various| 4| all| 2.4.1-01
Timer| 4| 74| 2.4.1-01

So, hopefully people are looking at the specific lines and figuring out the issues here and seeing if there is a valid work-around. Even if the system needs to be made temporarily inefficient or crippled in some particular facility, it seems worth it to rewrite these sections for the time being.

More news as it comes.