Post-9/11 government sends fear through business, customers

In a fine example of what is wrong with the kinds of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) created by the post-9/11 USA Patriot Act, the Washington Post has an article about some of the indecencies and inconveniences caused to Muslim-Americans.

The article discusses the uproar about Monster removing all references to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan or Syria from people's resumes.

Banks and money transfer houses that are requiring considerably more questioning before they allow Muslim-Americans (or people they perceive to be) to transfer money, even within the US.

However, the problem is not entirely one of business. The USA Patriot act (passed in the shadow of 9/11) has put into place a large number of onerous and vague requirements on businesses that do any kinds of financial dealings and has placed steep penalties on those who do not enforce the Act. As such, many companies are responding by doing whatever they can to mitigate that risk, and that includes asking many more questions of people who fit their profiles and even turning away business on the basis of profiling or names.

Of course, these actions are inexcusable in a society whose only real bond comes from striving to provide a level of fairness to all comers. To be sure, this country has many faults in this area, but when the Government itself is at the head of the line in creating new problems instead of solving them, it is something that must be brought to the attention of the public and taken care of.