Pelican plugin updates

One of the advantages of our recent pivot to gitlab is that I'm spending some time looking at existing repositories and doing some updates.

Most of my repos are private and hosted on our private gitlab server. For public code, I generally place it on GitHub. With the recent automation changes on GitHub, I've been doing some updates to get CI running there as well. For the most part, this uses whatever templates exist for the project (in the case of plugins, for example) or the GitHub default.

Updating pelican plugins

I've mentioned before my move to static site generation, and also the plugins that I've created or modified for Pelican:

Yesterday, I decided to do a little clean-up of both of these plugins. In particular:

  1. Updated nginx_alias_map to use the Pelican cookiecutter templated
  2. Added tests to both plugins
  3. Verified that CI was working correctly for both plugins
  4. Fixed a Python 3.6-specific bug in nginx_alias_map
  5. Bumped versions to 1.0/Production and changed environment to Plugins

The big change here is that nginx_alias_map is now on PyPI and can now be installed as a dependency without having to use a git submodule as I'd been doing previously.

If you're interested, check out:

They're both easier to use now, with pip install pelican-nginx-alias-map or pip install pelican-markdown-it-reader as the installation method.

To support using pre-commit with pelican (as detailed in Pre-commit and Pelican), I have also updated my mdformat plugins:

These (respectively) avoid reformatting or errors when using the footnote plugin with markdown-it, or when using pelican-specific items, such as {filename}.