Oops... Star Wars:Galaxies launch hampered by problems

In what has become a pretty common ritual among providers of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs), first-day glitches tarnished the roll out of Sony Entertainment Online and LucasArts's new game Star Wars: Galaxies.

According to an article on CNet, users waited hours to get signed in the first time on the new servers.

This isn't an uncommong problem for MMORPGs, as many of the recent roll outs have had these problems.

True to form, and true to the list of items that the SWG developers gave as things to watch out for at both E3 and GDC this year, the problems started with overloaded log-in and credit-card authorization servers and continued through to the main servers.

However, as of Friday, the company says that things are now working fine and they are handling 17,000+ users simultaneously.

I'm sure this is a big disappointment for the guys at SOE, since they have been talking about the importance of the launch and the goodwill that is lost if a launch goes poorly. However, it appears that things have calmed down, and if they stay calm over the weekend, I'm sure it will be considered a success with some glitches, as opposed to the disaster that Anarchy Online had on its roll-out.