The Free Software Foundation has gotten on my last nerve

Generally, I don't talk about the FSF (promulgators of the GNU "Free Software" license). The main reason is that I've spent most of my life writing software for a living and these folks are just plain wrong on how collaborative software should be done, in my humble opinion. However, this time they've gone too far and I'm not going to sit here and let this go unnoticed. If you've ever supported the FSF financially before, please stop. Why? Because they've made themselves into the PETA of the software. They're angry with Apple and to show it, they've engaged in what is appropriately referred to as a "denial of service attack" on Apple's technical support organization, the Genius Bar. Learn more after the link


Indie Fever

Michiel van Meeteren of Made by SOFA "fame" has issued a report entitled Indie Fever that stretches to over 100 pages of mostly text analyzing interviews that he made with a group of independent Apple software developers. I haven't had a chance to read it completely, although I did skim it, and it's an interesting survey of how the community looks and how it got here and possibly where it is going. Thanks to for the pointer.


Bad network card takes out Dublin radar, we were there

This past week, Carol & I were in Ireland for the OpenStreetMap State of The Map conference (small, but interesting). However, not everyone who was supposed to be there showed up. Apparently, Thales (large French aerospace company that makes Magellan GPS devices) had put in a €100M ATC system in Dublin over the past few years and it was having severe problems.

Politics meets XKCD

Some of you may already know about XKCD, an online comic strip that is drawn 3 times a week with stick figures and alternating deep, obscure, or inane subjects. In this election year, it should be no surprise that somebody decided to run a campaign using XKCD-style stick figures. It's worth a look just for fun, but you might consider at least following this guy's attempt to unseat his incumbent.

Google readying Net Neutrality tools

The Register had an article last week quoting Richard Whitt, senior policy director at Google saying that Google is creating a set of tools to allow users to determine if their ISPs are filtering their access to the Internet. This is going to raise the bar a little...


Generation X Lament

The Grand Junction Free Press has an opinion piece today called "Where have all the X-es gone?" written by Marjorie Asturias-Lochlaer (apparently a staffer at the paper, since I can't find any national credentials). Although definitely a lament, and not quite a screed, I'm thinking that the minority status of the X-gens will likely cause this to be written off. However, if you were born between the mid sixties and mid seventies, you may feel some resonance with this one. Chances are, it's just the problem of being caught between youth and power...but, are we seeing a shift in power such that the youth is more powerful and the generation that should be coming to power is going to miss it entirely?

Inside view of a cyberattack

The folks at Revision3 have a detailed article about a Denial of Service (DoS) attack which was perpetrated upon them over Memorial Day weekend 2008. The kicker is that the attack was either intentional or negligent misconfiguration on behalf of a RIAA "watchdog" company named MediaDefender.


Thoughts about the iPhone announcements

Well, Apple made for a lively Thursday this week by announcing the software roadmap (although not the hardware roadmap) for the iPhone. There was a lot to take in, and it took forever to download the SDK (ok, in reality, it took only a few hours, but Apple clearly wasn't prepared for the demand), but I now have some initial impressions on what I've seen and played with and what the announcements appear to hold in store.


Cat Welfare Code of Practice drafted by Scottish government

Apparently, the Scottish Government has felt the need to educate Scots on the appropriate nature of cat care.

Computer ads site features Apple and others

Thanks to The Unofficial Apple Weblog for a pointer to these Apple ads of the past from the advertisements section of the web site, Attached. There's not a lot of recent stuff in here, but some of the older stuff, such as the every-ad-page-in-newsweek ad are classics.



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