Regret The Error: The Year in Media Errors and Corrections

Crunks 2009: The Year in Media Errors and Corrections is well worth a read to anyone who watches the media at all. In particular, the "Correction of the Year" (a 9/11 vs 911 confusion) and the pointer to When should editors "unpublish" online news reports? from the Canadian Journalism Project were very interesting.

AT&T's complaining about iPhone users

I'm an iPhone user... my wife (Hi, Carol!) is an iPhone user, and I even have an iPhone set up for development purposes that doesn't get used for anything else (despite the fact that we pay for it monthly). I also have an AT&T Data card, for use when hot spots are either unavailable or too annoying. Generally speaking, I've had the same experience as most AT&T users in the DC area, "meh". But, this latest complaining from AT&T about iPhone data usage has gotten me a little hot under the collar.

Aperture and laptops

For those of you digital photography enthusiasts who use Aperture, here's a little bit of info on how I deal with going out of town with my laptop, but wanting to do the "real work" on my desktop when I get home.

It turns out that if you are careful, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. I have a new idea that I haven't tried yet, that might have some cute results for working on the home network, but that is a more involved test that I'll do later.


My take on Macintosh security

Ah, a new release.... must be time for another slew of articles aimed at getting press and money for the "security" folks out there. For those of us with Macintoshes, here is my take on the whole Macintosh virus situation.


Building IBPlugins under Leopard and Snow Leopard

This is a pretty esoteric topic, but I ran into it and maybe the google will help somebody find my solution before they waste too much time. I have a custom control with a custom IBPlugin which we use in Cartographica. The IBPlugin compiles in all 4 binary modes, but I restricted it to ppc and i386, because the IBFramework which you have to link to doesn't support 64-bit under Leopard. Enter Snow Leopard...

Alton Brown hacks the Kitchen

Cool piece on Gizmodo about Alton Brown's favorite Kitchen hacks.


Snow Leopard Releases Friday

Many of you have already seen that Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) will be releasing on Friday. I've been running it as my primary OS on my laptop since the WWDC in June and look forward to getting a real install on there. You're probably also aware that PPC machines will not run 10.6 (and beyond), so this upgrade is Intel Macintosh only. Here is roadmap through the upgrade products.


Timing a UPS

In line with my BackUPS/SmartUPS story earlier today, I wanted to say a little something about how I "watched" it.

SmartUPS not equal BackUPS

This is one of those "should have figured that out myself" problems, but I figure I will warn anyone who might be in my shoes.... Check the specifications carefully before investing in an APC UPS. Not that I'm going to suggest going with another manufacturer, just that I'm going to suggest paying close attention to the exact model you purchase.

Replacing old and busted music

In the process of moving, I had occasion to find my CD collection (yes, intellectual property fans, I have every single CD that I used to load my iPod with). I decided that it was time to replace the nasty 128kbps CBR MP3 encoded with the zing encoder using a proprietary disk loader (created by me) in 1999. Consider it a 10-year anniversary gift to my music collection...But, how in iTunes do you do this and keep all your counts and playlists?


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