New Tarantino film to be serial... how nice...

In what I strongly hope will not be a trend, Quentin Tarantino will be releasing his next film voyage Kill Bill in two parts, according to an article from the New York Times.

The supposedly three-hour film is slated to be released in two installments starting this fall with a follow-on release two to six months later.

Personally, I'm not amused after the ridiculous sham that was The Matrix Reloaded. Once again, all I can see is the effort of a film maker and studio to attempt to squeeze another $9 out of movie goers.

As if it isn't enough to inundate us with the slideshow of ads ahead of time, playing more ads on the soundtrack. But now, we have to suffer through a series of actual commercials (mostly not themed for movie theaters). However, the ultimate indignity is to foist multi-part series on us just to get one reasonable movie's worth of entertainment.

At least the Matrix was ridiculously long. In the case of this film, the total length is supposed to be three hours. I've paid for and sat through three hour movies before and I don't mind coughing up $9 for that. But, to intentionally "serialize" the story in order to get more cash is an outrage.

And for the "artistic merit" and "retrospective genre" crowd out there, let me remind everyone that if he wanted to go with a true serial format, he'd release it on consecutive weeks (or at least months) and in one hour increments. However, if he were to do that, he should sell it to HBO and call it television.