Nebraska county court rules father shouldn't \"speak Hispanic\"

An article from the Washington Post tells the unfortunately not-quite- unbelievable story of a judge in Nebraska who ordered a father "not to speak the Hispanic language" around his daughter.

At the crux of the case is the defendant's relationship with his 5-year-old daughter from his girlfriend. It appears that after the two had agreed upon visitation, the child's mother found out that the father (a Mexican-American) had been taking his daughter to visit his relatives and friends and trying to teach her Spanish (apparently, the judge thought this was the "Hispanic language").

The judge found in favor of the plaintiff and has now told the father that he must communicate with his daughter primarily in English.

However, there does appear to be something good coming out of this. The usual ACLU follow-up has begun, including an appeal, but more importantly even people who have backed English-only amendments to state laws and constitutions have come out in opposition to this ruling. Even they can't stomach this kind of familial interference.

One can only hope that this ruling be overturned rapidly, or else it may be proof that columnist Rick Ruggles for the Omaha World- Herald was right in saying that "racism is alive and having its brutish way in Omaha."