McPaper has a McTruth problem

Probably everybody has seen this already, but I just wanted to chime in on the disclosure by USA Today reporter Jack Kelley falsified a number of stories, including one that got him nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

To their credit, USA Today has a number of articles this week disclosing the result of their internal investigations into the behavior of once-noted columnist and reporter Jack Kelley.

The story was also covered by BBC News in this article, and the Washington Post in this article.

In the end of the day, it looks like the news industry is getting nearly as much mileage ratting themselves out as they did trying to pull one over on the public.

In this case, unlike the New York Times' Jayson Blair, the reporter at least left his apartment and travelled the world to pen his stories, but the compelling anecdotes that spotted his articles appear to have been often the work of good fiction as opposed to remarkable coincidence.