Man sues spammers for lack of ability to produce results

There's a lot of spam out there these days, and not a small amount of it relates to the enlargement of certain parts of the anatomy. Well, the Denver Post is reporting that Jeffrey Horton of California is suing a number of the fraudsters because their products don't work.

For a long time, it has been believe that these particular advertisers are fairly immune from prosecution because nobody in their right mind would be willing to take the embarrassment of filing a lawsuit and then having to prove that the products didn't work.

However, that's now going to be tested in a court of law and is already being tested in the court of public opinion.

The lawyers are opening the case up to class status, but my guess is that most of the people who have tried these products and found them lacking are going to be unwilling to testify or even sign their names to a list of people who bought the products.