Mac virus threat denounced

Some of you out there who heard earlier this week of a virus aimed at MacOS X, might be wondering why I didn't write about it earlier, unlike Wired did in their article, __.

However, this new article, OS X Trojan Horse Is a Nag, is why.

Although somebody has released a proof of concept, it is not easy to accidently acquire and requires some pretty bad habits to pick it up. Further, files compromising Macintosh systems are unplayable in that form on other computers, making them awful conspicuous on a net dominated by non-Macintosh computers.

It does raise the potential for a possible problem in the future, but practicing safe downloads (MP3 files shouldn't show up as applications, be received via email, or be any file type other than .mp3 when downloaded) is likely to keep you away from this threat.

Regardless, Apple and Symantec are both looking in to ways to avoid this kind of masquerade in the future.