Latest in the SCO/IBM/Linux saga

A number of developments in the SCO/IBM/Linux saga this week, including some disclosures by SCO and the announcement that Novell has completed its acquisition of SUSE which leads the way for IBM to pump money into Novell.

The ongoing drama (such as it is) between SCO and the Linux community continues to plod along, showing the marks of a good chess game. There are pawns being marched around the field (such as the announcement a couple of weeks ago that SCO had sent more notices to individual "violators"), the Here is a summary, with article links:

  • Novell announces that they have completed the SUSE acquisition, paving the way for a $50M investment from IBM.
  • An article from CNet discusses recent releases from SCO and Novell about their dispute over the ownership of Unix. These include pointers to the original Asset Purchase Agreement and addenda, press releases, and other documents.
  • OSDL, an organization that backs open source development and runs internet-hosted tools to support same, has announced that it has established (with a little help from IBM, Intel, and MontaVista software, the Linux Defense Fund, aimed at protecting Linus and other Linux developers.
  • SCO has posted a Notice of Compliance filed with the court claiming to have responded to all of IBM's requests (except the ones that they didn't, and ones that required them to get information that they didn't have over the holidays... kind of sounds like "I left my books at school, so I couldn't do my homework").

This includes (according to an article in InfoWorld), the list of offending files.

That's the lastest in "as the Linux turns"