Katharine Hepburn dies, aged 96

The world has lost another fine member of the acting profession. Only two weeks after saying goodbye to Gregory Peck, the world has lost a great actress, Katharine Hepburn.

Unlike Peck, I can't think of any one role that personifies Hepburn, but her first really big film was The African Queen, in which she played opposite the great Humphrey Bogart.

BBC News has a good tribute containing a number of fine Hepburn quotes.

Just her Oscar-winning films (four of them) were a study in contrast:

With 52 films to her credit, Hepburn has left a significant mark on an industry which has seen many changes since she entered the scene in 1932, and although she hasn't been on screen much since the early 1990's, her passing is a loss to all who value the cinema..html