iTunes URLs

There is a nice hint discussion on MacOS X Hints that describes the formats and shortcuts for building URLs that link either to songs served from people's shared music or for searches/albums in Apple's service.

Safari, at least, will accept URLs of the form:

daap://   ordaap://

for accessing music servers via iTunes sharing mechanism.

If you want to send a pointer to where to buy a record, or browse and artist, etc. the form is:


Where search term can be any term below in any order:

  • songTerm - song title
  • artistTerm - artist name
  • albumTerm - album name
  • composerTerm - composer name Example:

    itms:// Dylan&albumTerm=Blood On The Tracks

Or, a search of all fields (like typing in the search box at the top of iTunes) uses this form:

itms:// Waters