It's not too late to give your Mac a present!

MacSanta just keeps getting better, but you have only TODAY to get it. So run, do not walk, to your browser and browse up the site for some new Macintosh software joy. Click through for more details.

At the last minute, some of my old favorites have shown up, so go check them out:

DragThing from TLA Systems
DragThing is a launch bar that is very configurable. I find it more useful on my 30", but it works well on my MacBook Pro as well when I'm trying to find programs that I use too infrequently to be stock in my dock.
DropDMG from C-Command
This is a great utility if you need to create Disk Image files often. A real time saver for developers!
Interarchy from Stairways Software
One of the oldest and best pieces of file transfer software from a company with a long history of dedication to the Macintosh. Raw power, excellent logging, and a UI that power users will love.