InfoWorld gives G5, Panther, Panther Server high marks

Sick of hearing the accolades for Apple in 2003? Don't read this article from InfoWorld. Tom Yager gives the Apple G5, Panther, and Panther Server scores of 8.8, 9.2 and 9.3 respectively.

For the G5, he likes the memory bandwidth and processing power, noting that for his own use, the Windows world is "out of step" with his need to move and process mountains of data.

For Panther and its server kin, he concentrates on ease of use, stability, and safety in a world of Windows dominated viruses and hacks. Of server in particular, he says "The BSD Unix-based Mac OS 10.3 Server is the easiest commercial Unix to set up, configure, and manage, yet Apple cut no corners on services."

Now, if some folks in the business community would notice and if Apple would put these "two great tastes" together, we'd see an interesting G5 XServe running Panther Server.