Harry Crushes the Hulk

The New York Times had a great article that starts to give "kids in the digital age" some of their due.

Instead of ranting on about their attention span, willingness to steal music, and their infatuation with TV and computer screens, Frank Rich looks at the rapid sale of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as being an excellent sign that most of these preconceptions may be a bit off.

I can't do justice to the article, but the basics are that the sales of the book indicate that kids are willing to sit down and plow though an 870-page novel (so much for short attention span) that has nothing to do with technology (it substitutes magic instead) and that they are willing to shell out, or cause their parents to shell out, serious money to satisfy that urge (showing that if the quality is there, they are willing to pay for it).

Then, he tops it off by taking The Hulk down a peg. What more could I ask for?