disrespects Mac, UWisc tries to help

According to an article in today's Washington Post (read it fast, 'cause the Post'll charge you if you wait too long),, the Federal Government's clearinghouse for grant applications is not compatible with anything other than Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Apparently, the contractor (Northrop Grumman) felt that their implementation constraints required the use of the system created by a Canadian company to fill out forms. Now, I don't quite understand why Adobe's apparently-competing technology (which no only runs on Windows and the Mac, but also Solaris, Linux, and a bevy of handheld devices) wasn't viable for that timeline, but apparently I just don't get it.

University of Wisconsin Madison to the rescue (with a little help from the NIH and the with a pre-configured installer that provides access to the servers using Citrix, a system for accessing software on a Windows computer over the internet.

It appears that the server is being provided by either or NIH, but the instructions and installer package are from UWM.