George Washington's whiskey rides again

An article from the New York Times tells the tale of the best whiskey makers of the present getting together to raise money for Mount Vernon by doing what they do best. A much more detailed article from the Washington Post also discusses it.

Our first President, according to reports (thanks to was a major distiller in his time, running one of the largest distilling operations in the country.

Today, in an effort to benefit the restoration and preservation of this famous estate, these distillers have gotten together to cook up old George's recipe and make some whiskey, the old fashioned way.

After the twenty gallons have a chance to age (in port wine kegs, no less), they will eventually be auctioned.

One additional tidbit: George's distillery made about 11,000 gallons of the stuff every year, netting about $7,500 per year - not bad for a sideline.