Frontline special on Credit Cards

Frontline (the PBS investigative program) has an excellent set of information on the web about credit cards called The Secret History of the Credit Card. From the Eight things a credit card user should know to the quiz about credit cards, this is a fascinating site and I would encourage it for anyone who has credit cards or consumer debt or anyone who talks about such things.

The More to Learn and Charge It! Examining the issue of credit cards and personal responsibility particularly interesting (and in depth) and covers everything from the history of consumer debt in the US to pending legislation that may make it more difficult to erase credit card debt when filing bankruptcy (the the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2003 ) as well as require more disclosure by the credit card companies about the time it takes to pay off debts using the minimum payment.

The entire program (as well as the accompanying New York Times article) is available online.