First impressions of Apple's X11 server

One of the smallest announcements at MWSF2003 was Apple's release of an industry-standard X11 Server.

My initial impressions of this package are very good.

I've done a bunch of cursory tests, mainly by using the system for "real work".

First, it looks rather fast, which is nice. Xeyes tracks well, and ico flies.

Second, Sun's Solaris admin tool for Solaris 9, smc (Solaris management Console) works well.

Third, ssh -X works quite nicely, just remember that if you do it from terminal that you set up the DISPLAY variable before executing the ssh command. Obviously, not a problem from xterm.

Fourth, unfortunately the Oracle Standard Installer does not work well (at least if Solaris is your install OS).

So far, so good Apple