Explora experience in Patagonia

As usual, pictures will eventually be forthcoming, but the trip to the Patagonia region of Chile to the Explora was spectacular.

We spent 4 nights and three days at the resort hotel, hiking and trekking during the day and feasting on fine food and Chilean wines at night. The accommodations were first rate, despite ridiculous latency on the satellite internet access.

Over the three days, we participated in two of their more challenging hikes, including "The Base of the Towers" and "The Grey Glacier". Both were experiences not to be missed, each in a completely different way. The third day (with muscles aching from extreme overexertion due to the "Towers" hike), we chose to take it a bit easy and go on a relatively flat walk through the pampas grass and past some cave paintings, followed by a very unique BBQ experience complete with the first lamb of the season and authentic gauchos (gauchos cooking, lamb being eaten).

All in all, I'd wholeheartedly endorse the experience. Although Explora is certainly not the cheapest way to do the trip, when weighing the costs, take into account the two five-hour transfers from the airport to the park, the excellent food and accommodations, and the English-speaking guides who really know their stuff (history, geology, flora, fauna, and first aide).

If you're looking to get away, this is definitely a fine example of away.