Environmentalism survives at the local level

With all of the concentration nationally on Iraq and terrorism, the emphasis on the environment has taken a back seat since 2001. However, an article from the Christian Science Monitor describes recent increases in local environmental organizations and causes since the advent of the Bush administration.

Using IRS data and anecdotal web data, the case is made that there are a wide variety of environmentalists who don't consider themselves to be "green" out there. In traditional American form, these people aren't interested in being labeled and are eschewing the large national and international groups, and instead, supporting for local organizations that fight for causes that are important to them.

Since the Bush administration took office, thousands of new groups with annual donations of less than $1M have sprung up and taken up the fight for environmental issues, including land use, alternative fuels, and clean air and water.

Information also indicates that there has been an increase in participation by hunters and fisherman, often considered by the vegetable-eating, gun-banning, all-natural environmentalists to be on the wrong side of environmental issues.