Editorial content on Gaige's Pages

Over the last few weeks, I've been trying to balance between providing pointers to interesting information and editorial content. I've received some complaints that there are too many story references, and not as much original content and editorial about the stories on the Pages as there used to be.

So, what am I doing about it?

Over the last couple of weeks, I started marking some stories as [Ed] or [+Ed] if they contained a large amount of editorial content in order to help people find the editorial bits.

After some deliberation, I've decided to stop that practice. My intent is to try and provide my insights with as many of the articles as possible. In some cases, there are follow-up stories that contain little more than quotes from related folks or news articles that provide further information or updates (such as this weeks Verizon/RIAA ruling). In these cases, I'll make sure that at least enough of a summary is in the version on my site to provide the reader with the gist of the article and the portion of the content that I felt important. Of course, I will continue to cite the sources, as I don't want to plagiarize and I do want to provide a trail of facts on which my conclusions are based. However, I will endeavor to make certain that the articles themselves are self-contained if you don't want to follow the links.

One final point on this issue. There is a difference between the way that stories show up in the email summaries and on the site itself that needs to be pointed out. In the summary, only the introductory text of the article is shown and there is no indication if there is any further information in the article. On the site, the introductory text is always followed by an indicator that there is more to read. If you don't follow the link to the site, you may well miss any additional commentary on the story, so if it is something that interests you, follow the link.

Also, please feel free to leave comments on this article about this topic. Mostly the Pages provide me an outlet for pointing people (myself included) at interesting information without sending a dozen messages per day to multiple mailing lists. As such, if there's something that can be done in a more useful manner, I would like to hear about it.