After a 5 hour plane ride, 3 kids in the 3 rows in my section of business class (one about 6 weeks, one about 6 months, one about three -- only one crying at any given time), and a harrowing taxi ride at over 80MPH, I finally made it to the Westin Bonaventure.

What do you know, they added in-room ethernet ($12.95 a day on the Wayport network.

Thankfully, the batteries in the 17" are working well, because the older G4 power adaptor that I have wasn't happy with the airplane power that I was getting off of the 777. Business class was full, so I couldn't check with anyone else to see if their seat worked any better. However, despite the setback, I managed well over three hours on a single battery, with iTunes blaring in the background (drowning out the background noise) and compiling code in the foreground, guaranteeing that I didn't spend any time with the disk spun down.

However, I was a bit surprised by the abrupt removal of power from the system without a 10-minute warning as was done in the past. In the end, the battery switch (while slept) was painless and I went on about my business.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I managed a room upgrade, so that was nice and settled in to watch lawnmower racing on The Discovery Channel.