E3: Day 3-The End

Perhaps not the end of E3, but it is the end for me, as I am returning on Friday.

The final day involved a few sessions and a very good lunch presentation followed by one more swing through the booths and out.

Here are some pictures of my trip as well.

The E3 experience this year wasn't a total waste, but I think I may forego the expensive SuperPass next year in deference to a couple of days on the show floor and at the conference sessions. Unless there is something earth- shattering coming out, the sessions seem to mostly rehash what had been done the previous year.

Today's sessions included "Taking your Game Online: Four Case Studies" (actually three because one of the panelists was AWOL), "Hot Shots: Learning from the Next Generation of Game Developers", and a lunch with Jupiter Research's Michael Gartenberg.

The show floor was one last spin through intended to make sure that I didn't miss anything important the first time through. I did notice a couple of things that were more interesting the second time around, including:

  • CoaxSys - makers of 10/100 networking over existing cable TV plants. Its designed for use inside of houses (8 stations, 300 feet per station maximum distance), but looks promising for some applications because it is topology independent.
  • A small company out of Arizona that was at the show trying to get funding for a "gamer" TabletPC, with high-end graphics, AGP bus, and a Pentium M w/ a ton of high speed RAM. Their prototype was more amusing than functional, but it is interesting to note that there's somebody in the space.
  • Western Digital, who was there showing off their new line of Serial ATA drives. These are high-performance drives intended to go up against SCSI in the market. 36GB for $250 won't be flying off of the shelves at Best Buy, but will certainly grab the eyes (if not the wallets) of server users, especially with the SCSI-like performance and warranties (5 years).
  • A couple more MMORPGs that I hadn't noticed the day before

Here are links to a couple of movies I shot on the floor. Not great quality, but they get the point across:

  • Doom 3
  • nVidia's flaming demon

As promised, here are some pics:

  • I don't remember who I was joking about this with the other day, but I was surprised to see the Starsky and Hutch game
    Starsky and Hutch
  • And then there were the two guys from a guild site who were compelled to wear silly costumes.
    silly costumes
  • Proof positive that Microsoft is doing this show in a big way.
    Microsoft E3 Presence
  • Nokia's big N-Gage at the show. (Hopefully the handset will be smaller)
    Nokia N-Gage
  • And last, for those who haven't seen one before, Apple's spread at their suite.
    Apple suite spread

That's it from E3 for this year.

Ed. Note Unfortunately, the aforementioned movies are not available.