Dual-boot is a reality

It was announced yesterday on OnMac.net that Blanka and Narf (obviously not their real names) have won the prize of $13,854 for figuring out how to dual-boot a MacBook Pro (or Intel Mini, or Intel iMac) into Windows or OS X.

The solution (downloadable here) is a bit arcane (requiring the creation of a custom Windows XP boot disk). Ars Technica did a piece on it yesterday.

Details are pretty simple (although the installation may be a bit harsh for most novices).

  • Win XP SP2 only
  • Installs on a separate partition (you'll have to repartition your hard drive)
  • Has been tested on all of the current Intel Macs (doesn't work right on the 20" iiMac right now)
  • Doesn't have enough performance to use for games (no accelerated video drivers work)
  • Does recognize the Airport and Ethernet

I'm happy to see this working, although not certain if I'll ever take advantage of it. Virtualization sounds like a much better idea...