DaVinci code draws tourists to Scotish chapel

For those who have read the Dan Brown novel, The DaVinci Code, you are familiar with Roslyn Chapel. The chapel, just outside of Edinburgh is the home to one of the final pieces of the 'Grail puzzle in the book and is now seeing a substantial increase in tourist traffic.

Although, according to this article in the International Herald Tribune (originally from the New York Times), the readers may not have been paying much attention when they read the book.

You'll have to read the article and the book to get the specifics on the problem (it would be a spoiler to those still reading the book), but it's not much of a surprise.

The chapel has been the center of a long series of mythological, historical, and near-conspiratorial theories for years and has always had a steady stream of visitors. However, this year the attendance numbers are up by double, and not a moment too soon. The chapel is undergoing a major renovation and the funding by the visitors is helping this happen.