California bill aims to bolster online privacy

An article from Wired describes a recent bill that has made it through committee and in to the full assembly in California which would require that subpeonas made to ISPs for user information be forwarded to the customer within 14 days of receipt and that the customer have 30 days to determine if they want to fight the subpeona.

The bill is being backed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( EFF ) and is facing opposition from the state's Republicans (all republican members of the committee voted against the bill).

If passed, it will be the first in the nation to attempt to bolster online privacy in an era that has seen a significant erosion of said privacy under the guidance of Attorney General Ashcroft.

The bill has its critics for reasons other than privacy issues, as well. Yahoo is coming out against the bill because it believes that undo burden is being placed on the ISP and that the notification provision should be aimed at those making the subpeonas.

The state's Judiciary Committee is slated to have a hearing on the bill May 5th.