Be careful what you buy

Once again, the government is moving to peek into all aspects of your life, including shopping.

Apparently, this new system is going to ignore the obvious solution to the "terrorist trap" of watching credit cards and monitoring grocery store purchases of just using cash. However, in so doing, it means that those of us who wish our privacy to be preserved are going to have to start concentrating purchases on using cash.

In particular, any time that you want to buy duct tape or a box cutter, you should probably use cash. Similarly, if the drug war folks catch on to this idea, you should probably avoid buying decongestants this way, or you might get a knock on your door checking to see if that single pack of Sudafed you bought last tuesday is being used to make meth.

Thankfully, there are some organizations and individuals who are trying to monitor, fight, and constrain the moves of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) to get their hands on your shopping records.

Even conservatives, such as former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey, have characterized the administration's push towards this kind of information gathering as inconsistent with this country's basic freedoms.

For more info, check out this article from Wired.