Baby Bells continue to fight for your privacy

In a story that just continues to get larger and stranger, yet another Baby Bell (this time Pac Bell) is standing up for your rights to privacy.

On the heals of Verizon standing firm until an appeals loss earlier this year, PacBell has filed suit against the RIAA claiming that subpoenas filed by the RIAA were done so illegally.

The first claim by PacBell is that the subpoenas were issued in the wrong jurisdiction (an issue reported here before).

Second, the company claims that information about multiple users cannot be requested on one subpoena.

Third, the company claims that the requests in the subpoenas are too broad.

You go Bells!

In truth, this probably wouldn't be such a big issue if it weren't: 1) a lot of work for the ISPs to figure the information out; and 2) opening up the ISPs to privacy lawsuits if users were to sue them for handing over the information. But, whatever the reason, it is clear that the power of choice is also playing a significant role in this debate, as ISPs angle to show their interest in their customers privacy so as to keep their churn rates low.