ATM 1, Burglars 0

This story from the Washington Post is just funny.

It appears that our intrepid would-be thieves decided that they would steal the money from an ATM using brute force... they were wrong.

After prying it from its concrete base and dropping it to the ground a number of times, the perpetrators decided that their best bet would be to take it away and work on getting it opened someplace where they could take their own time (and, one would presume, blow torches). However, they were heard by Prince William police and ran away when the officers approached.

A Bank of America spokesperson said of the robbery attempt: "In general, ATMs are very secure, very sturdy, and they are designed with safety and security considerations in mind. The machines are designed to take all sorts of impacts. They are supposed to be opened in a specific way, and this isn't one of them."