Are media activists dominating FCC complaints?

An article from MediaWeek brings up some interesting statistics about FCC indecency complaints. According to their report, the number of indecency complaints has soared from 14,000 in 2002 to over 1 million this year.

More interesting is the claim that of the approximately 500,000 complaints that did not have to do with the SuperBowl's "wardrobe malfunction", 99.9% of those had been lodged by the Parents Television Council

If you are inclined to wonder if the statistics are incorrect, you should check out this press release from the PTC that calls for a congressional investigation into the FCC's counting practices because they believe that the number of complaints from their (and other organizations) are being grossly undercounted (by up to 40 times in one instance).

It's unclear if the group is affiliated with any other organizations, but they do claim to be nonpartisan and interested in keeping indecent material out of the hands of children.

PTC is the brainchild of L. Brent Bozell III, who also founded the Media Research Center, a conservative group that has been talking about the "left leaning" media bias for some time, and the Conservative Communication Center (with the URL