April Fools jokes on the net

As is customary, the internet is rife with April Fools day jokes on April 1. Anyone who doesn't have a strong stomach for a (mostly bad) joke, should probably stay off the net until April 2. Personally, I don't tend to post anything on the "Pages" on April 1 that is serious, and since I didn't have any great April Fools ideas, I didn't put anything up yesterday. This article is a pointer to some good stuff from yesterday.

Just to start out, there are some serious things on April 1 too. Apple Computer was founded on April 1, 29 years ago. (For that matter, both Inter.net and InterCon were incorporated on April 1 in 2000 and 1988 respectively).

CNet brings us the article Gag Gadgets Online which has pointers to, and pictures of, a few different jokes, including the iPod Phone, and PodShaver from Podgear that allows you to use your iPod as a shaver in a pinch (lady's and men's versions available).

On the racier side, ThinkGeek has a device for copying files between two iPods. Sounds reasonable enough until you read that it has a ribbed latex sleeve, and a name indicative of its joke status.

MacWorld's editors bring us Why I Hate April Fool's Day, an extensive article about mostly Macintosh-related gags.

On a more serious note, the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) continues a tradition of funny-yet-thought-provoking satires in RFC format. For those who aren't as technical, this one is still a good read as it's mostly in plain English. (A dated, but good, article on the phenomenon of April Fools RFC's is available from Network World. This year's model, Requirements for Morality Sections in Routing Area Drafts, is aimed at bringing decency to IP network routing. The frightening part is that I'm sure that oppressive governments and some censorship-minded individuals think it's a good idea.

For the scatalogically inclined, Gizmodo provides us with a pointer to the iPoo, a GPS with built-in knowledge of all of the toilets in England. It's inventors are the folks at Pocket Lint, who posted the original iPoo announcement.