Apple tops PC Magazine satisfaction survey... again

PC Magazine, which despite the name does a reasonably good job of being non-partisan in covering equipment that doesn't qualify as PC-compatible, has released their 17th Annual Reader Satisfaction Survey results. The short form: Apple has a significant lead in basically every category (except servers, where they aren't represented in this survey).

In Desktops, Apple scored an overall 8.8, outpacing its nearest competitor (Dell) by .7. Apple led in every single category, including %age of repairs (10%, with their nearest competitor at 13% and the average at 17%) and had a strong (8.9/10) likelihood of recommending--stronger than any of the PC vendors by .5.

In Laptops, it was more of the same, Apple's score of 9.0 trounced their nearest competitor (IBM) by .9 and they led in every category except percent needing repairs (where they were a little better than average, but not as good as Fujitsu). This, however, didn't hurt their likelihood of recommending (9.3 vs. 8.3 nearest) or their reliability (9.2 vs 8.3 nearest), probably owing to the operating system reliability.

One other interesting note: people who built their own machines were happier about that than the people who bought store-bought machines. This stands to reason, as they are much more likely to solve their own problems.