Apple ranks 7th most admired company

Fortune Magazine is out with their America's Most Admired Companies 2007 report and you-know-who made it in the list at #7 overall. They were bested by: GE, Starbucks, Toyota, Berkshire Hathaway, Southwest, and FedEx and managed to squeak by Google for the top tech/computer spot in the overall competition. Amusingly, they still finished (just barely) behind IBM in the most admired computer category and substantially above Xerox and Canon. Interesting to note that Canon, Xerox, and IBM don't make personal computers for sale in the US.

The first real computer manufacturer in the list behind Apple was HP, coming in at #5. They got high marks in the industry for Innovation, people, investment, and quality, but were marked down (way down) on Social Responsibility. Undoubtedly a bit of a hit by the Greenpeace campaign.

Overall Apple was #1 in innovation, and #6 in product quality, behind FedEx, Walt Disney, P&G, Whole Foods, and InterActiveCorp.