Apple blows out numbers (again)

Everyone's favorite computer company (pardon me, after the removal of the word "Computer" from Apple Computer Corp's name, it should read "everyone's favorite company") has announced their FY1Q numbers (4th quarter 2006 calendar year) and they're huge. $1B in profit, $7.1B in revenues, 21M iPods sold, and 1.6M Macintoshes.

Looking deeper at the numbers, people are a bit surprised at the very flat quarter-to-quarter decline of 4,000 units of Mac sales with some concern. Frankly, the 28% growth in Macintosh sales year-to-year is enough to make me happy, especially since I think that Apple's back-to-school sales were spectacular and likely reduced the potential market for holiday Macs.

The conference call (long and pretty dry, as usual) contained a few tidbits, including a "stay tuned" when the CFO was asked about the lack of an iLife release at January MacWorld (my guess is that they're going to wait for a further Leopard announcement to release both iLife and iWork), but the call was filled with the usual "going better than we expected" and "we don't comment on future products".