10.3.9 and Security 2005-003 upgrades for Server and Mail

OK, this is really esoteric, so if you're not a Macintosh OS X Server administrator, just go ahead and skip it.

I decided to get the 10.3.9 upgrade and Security Update 2005-003 out of the way today before leaving to go out of the country. Of course, I won't be upgrading my primary mail server to Tiger Server until it is tested on my test machine (this isn't even talking Retrospect, which is still running 10.3.5 because it is so delicate and I'm afraid to break it).

All things considered, it went pretty well, but there were a few things I had to watch for:

  • Cyrus- cyrus is now a much more modern 2.2.x version and that means that you get compiled sieve scripts. Which, if you were running sieve before, means that your sieve scripts won't work until you compile them (use /usr/bin/cyrus/bin/sievec input output).
  • Cyrus- it is no longer necessary to get a compiled version of squatter from someplace else to improve your search speeds. Apple's version now works correctly.
  • imapd.conf - be careful of changes made to this file, they may disappear when the configuration fairy comes to set up the installer for the new system.
  • postfix/main.cf - same basic warning about this file as imapd.conf. However, most changes were kept, with the exception of my filter redirect that puts mail through spamassassin. More news as it happens.